To help users who want enhanced privacy and faster speed, we provide local installations of iDEP and ShinyGO as a paid service.

We can help install these tools alongside the massive knowledgebase on your laptop, a shared lab computer, in the cloud, or on HPC clusters.

Laptop: Any laptop with 4GB of memory and 100 GB of hard disk can run iDEP and ShinyGO natively from Rstudio.

Cloud computing platforms like Amazon AWS offer great flexibility and efficiency for private, dedicated servers that are totally controlled by users. For example, you can have a private iDEP server for 1 month to work on a project without costing much.

iDEP has also been installed by users on local HPCs using the Singularity containers. This local installation can be commonly accessed by users in an institution.

Please contact us at idepllc@gmail.com for this service.

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